Henriette or Harriett

Our great-grandmother, Henriette Anita Bloom Bredimus, was born in 1852 in Paris and died in 1930 in Des Moines. Cousin Harriett spelled her grandmother’s name Blum but also called her Harriette.

Before I write about Cousin Harriette (who was called petite Harriette) I wanted to bring up the name difference. Kings named Henry were called Harry. Did this ever come up?

Another near death in the news. It seems Henriette nearly died from gas fumes at her stove. Did you know?

Cousin Harriette wrote that Adelle was in the newspaper on the occasion of her 83rd birthday, but I have not seen the article yet. More digging to do…

1923 Henrietta nearly died
1923 Henrietta nearly died
1930 Henrietta died
1930 Henriette Bredimus Obituary
Henriette Grave Des Moines Iowa

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