Maurine Bredimus

Before I introduce two Bredimus sisters, a word about their father. Our father’s Uncle Maurice was Poppy’s older brother. Didn’t our dad call him “Morris”?

I’ve also seen him referred to as Maurie. He had only two children, just like Poppy. Maurice Bredimus had two girls while Poppy had two boys. Unusual for the early 1900’s.

Maurice was a Sign painter for many years. I don’t know if he ever worked for his Father, Francois. “Frank” was the named used by Francois and he was listed as a Merchant on one of the census forms. Some old directories list Frank as a painter of signs and carriages, sometimes in a partnership. Old addresses could be of a work shop. As the eldest son, Maurice might have inherited his father’s painting business. His daughters did not continue in the business.

Maurice William Bredimus

Birth Date: 10 Feb 1875

Died 19 Mar 1951

His daughter, Maurine, was born 29 June 1902 and died 30 December 1993.

See the surprising news coverage (attached) of her as a young lady.

I have posted separately on her younger sister, Harriette.

1920 Census Maurice Bredimus
1921 Maurine Bredimus
1921 Maurine Bredimus Des Moines
1921 Maurine Bredimus
1922 Maurine Bredimus

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