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It appears the photo of Mommy and Poppy is a montage. The shot of Cean, Bobby, and Nancy is priceless.

Montage Poppy, Mommy, Cean, Nancy, Robert

Our Mom said Poppy was a snazzy dresser and his suit, tie, and pocket square bear that out. I can see why you think Bobbie resembles him. Mommy was very pretty and her cameo brooch was so elegant. Does it still exist?

Do I recall correctly that we had some of Poppy’s clothes at Oak Street? For some reason I think of old neck ties.

I remember Cean wearing Men’s white shirts. Whose were those?

Poppy’s 1942 draft registration said he was 5’ 7” and 168 pounds. He indicated his wife’s name was Mayme; is that the origin of “Mommy”?

Poppy and Mommy (FA Bredimus and Mayme Bredimus); parents of Frank and Robert Bredimus.
Mommy and Poppy Victor Iowa
Mommy Undated

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