Frank Bredimus in European War Zone

We knew Uncle Frank served as an Officer in the Army during WWII, but it was a surprise to discover some press coverage:

Major Frank Bredimus

The Des Moines Register- Des Moines, Iowa – 28 Nov 1944
Des Moines Major Visits Paris, Eats Turkey; By Gordon Gammack. (Register Staff Writer in the European
The staff of a mechanized regiment was wrestling with a military problem and the major, who is
operations officer of the regiment suggested a solution to the regimental commander. “No,” said the
colonel, “that’s no good. You need a rest. Go to Paris for a few days and forget the war.” “Colonel, you
go, too,” said BREDIMUS, the major. And that is how Maj. Frank Bredimus of Des Moines got to have a
Thanksgiving turkey dinner in Paris.
German Homes. Bredimus has been in Germany since September. He has been amazed to find homes in
Germany so well equipped. “They were crazy to start a war,” he said. “They had plenty of everything.
We’ve found electric refrigerators in almost every home and in many of the homes there are several
vacuum cleaners. They’ve had good food, too.” Bredimus said that many of the German people have
attempted to be friendly to American troops. Frequently, he said, German families have offered food,
brandy, and cigars to Americans.
Highly Optimistic. The cavalry has been in the thick of the present offensive and Bredimus said he is
highly optimistic about the chances of its complete success. The Des Moines officer had an amusing
experience in Aachen not so long ago. He was standing on a street with the regimental commander
when out of a building came a man garbed in a top hat, wing collar, cutaway coat, and striped trousers.
“I thought all the civilians were evacuated from this place,” said the colonel, eyeing the fancily dressed
man. Bredimus took a quick look at the individual. “My gosh,” he said, “he’s one of my men.” The
colonel was more amused than displeased.

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