Cousin Harriette

Here is my promised delivery of information and material related to Cousin Harriette. My recollection of Harriette was only two things: she wrote the only family history of Bredimus  (attached), and she never married (turns out we were mistaken about never marrying). Dad always called her Cousin Harriette and she was about his age and a first cousin.

Harriette Jane Bredimus was born 27 October 1905 in Des Moines and died 24 March 1985 in Kansas City. Her written family history is very illuminating and helpful in my research.

There are a few things to point out: She never mentions her great-grandparents (Michel and Mary Bredimus) who also emigrated to America. There is a clue in the Sestier family who she claims were the catalyst for the entire Bredimus migration. Sestier is the name of prominent vegetable farmers near Des Moines and I’ll attempt to learn more. She spells her grandmother’s name as Blum, not Bloom, and she spells the name of Aunt Adele as Adelle.

Harriette spoke French to Adele and we might assume her sister (Maurine) spoke French as well. We don’t know if other grandchildren of Henriette spoke French.

I’ve been unable to locate the news story about Adele, but it could be a real gem if we find it.

Our cousin was apparently highly educated, talented, athletic, and well-traveled. One article stays she met Clark Gable, Wallace Beery, and Lionel Barrymore in Hollywood in 1936.

It was stunning to see her in photographs. It might sound judgmental, but her nose was quite large for a woman.

Henriette and Maurine lived in Kansas City for many years. They were probably living there at the same time I was (1971-1975) and I wish I could have met them many years ago.

What stories they might have told of our great-grandparents and others? I’ve sent an email to a grandson of Maurine and hope to learn more.

Harriette married Merrell E. Boyce later in life and predeceased him. We know nothing of the marriage. Her last address was a swank neighborhood at the famous Kansas City Plaza.

1927 Harriette
1927 Harriette
1927 Harriette
1928 Harriette Bredimus and Ona Miller
1928 Harriette
1929 Harriette will teach
1930 Harriette at Christmas
1932 Harriette at Camp
1932 Harriette at Camp; drama, dance, riding, sailing.
1932 Miss Harriette Bredimus at Easter
1934 Harriette
1934 Harriette Knitting
1936 Harriette goes to Hollywood; Clark Gable, Wallace Berry, Lionel Barrymore
1985 Harriette Death
1985 Harriette Death; mention of Harkins family
1985 Harriette Grave

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