Gracie McDonald

Our maternal grandmother: Grace Mabel Anne Hendrix McDonald.

I noticed several of the photos I’m about to post were uploaded to Ancestry by Bitsy in 2010, but I have not seen them before. Others were just uploaded by her two months ago. I’ve no idea how these treasures ended up in the care of Bitsy. In any case, we have them now and I’ll be sure to post most of them so they are accessible for generations.

My favorite is Gracie’s school photo taken the year she turned 18 and married. Bitsy has identified others in an old portrait of Gracie and family. I was delighted to see Gracie with some of her grandchildren  because I am included.

Last, I found a McDonald family crest and will investigate further. My research into the McDonald clan goes back to 1518 and to Noble ancestors.

Grace Hendrix Loughead School 1913 to 1914

A newspaper halftone of Grace Mabel Ann Hendrix and classmates of Loughead School, Missouri. Charlie and Johnnie Hendrix, possibly her brothers, are also pictured.

at 10 o’clock: Grace Mabel Ann Hendrix McDonald age 15 12 o’clock: Ella Lucinda Sizemore McDonald age 17 3 o’clock: Sarah Jane Hendrix Carter age 16 6 o’clock: Austin Fuget Sizemore age19.

Grace Mabel Anne Hendrix McDonald with four of her children: On her right, Elsie Jewell McDonald Bredimus. On her left, Opal L. McDonald Skirvin. Top right, Leota McDonald Norton and Jean E. McDonald Hughes. Missing: Leon Herman McDonald.

1913 Gracie Hendrix and her brothers
1953 Gracie McDonald
1955 Grace McDonald
1956 Gracie McDonald and Grandchildren: Lynn, Bredimus, Nick Bredimus, Mary Elizabeth Bredimus

Unknown cousins at left.

1959 Gracie McDonald
Grace McDonald
Grace Hendrix McDonald
McDonald Family Crest

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