Traveling to the Heartland

The photo of you, Bitsy and Lynn with Grandmother McDonald must have been taken when Mom took you youngest to Missouri.

I was left at home to do the cooking and ironing. Though I was five years younger than Nancy our father wouldn’t allow her to do the chores. He thought it meant that Nancy was being treated as a step child. As a result Nancy wasn’t confident in her abilities.

Thanks for the background on the trip to Missouri. Poor Nancy, again, for being deprived of a normal existence. Chores are a learning experience and gratifying.
I recall going to Penn Station in NYC and taking the Pace Maker. The corn in Iowa was as tall as the railcars so we couldn’t see out the windows.

My recollection is I took a second trip and stayed with Aunt Jean and Uncle Cecil on an experimental farm. Does that sound familiar?

I never thought of Nancy as a stepchild. She was family but special.

1956 Gracie McDonald and Grandchildren: Lynn, Bredimus, Nick Bredimus, Mary Elizabeth Bredimus
Uncle Les Coyle with Robert L. Bredimus

In looking at the childhood photos of our father they remind me strongly of you. I never realized that you were alike. Your adult features aren’t similar. You never developed the adult Bredimus nose.

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