Morris was Maurice

Maurine, daughter of Maurice Bredimus, was named “Mauricea” at birth. They must have changed it soon after. Her birth name was quite unusual.

Nicholas died young at age 57 of unknown causes in 1908. He died at home at 827 Lyon Street in Des Moines (the old house is still standing, but barely). He was listed as a Wagon maker.

I can imagine a wagon outside of that home.

His Mother’s maiden name was “Kerg”, not Berg as indicated in the family tree. Madeline Kerg was the wife of Michel Jean Bredimus, our first paternal ancestors to come to America.

I believe they spoke German and French like many in Luxembourg.

Marie Bredimus, daughter of Michel Jean Bredimus died in 1912 of Erysipelas (a skin infection in an era before antibiotics).

I saw mention of a Bredimus Family bible. Maurice was the oldest and the bible might have passed to him. I’ve had no luck contacting Maurine’s grandchildren, the Harkins.

Poppy’s brother, Raymond, was noted as divorced at the time of his death in 1926. He was married three times before that.

1903 wife Fayet L. Spencer

1910 wife Mary Agnes Ludgate

1918 wife Catherine per draft record.

1926 Divorced

Raymond was a Press Feeder, also called a press operator, loads paper into the feeding tray of a printing press. He worked for The Regensteiner Colortype Corporation in Chicago which was a big deal in 1918. Regensteiner invented the four color lithographic press. Raymond died at age 41, but I cannot locate a death certificate. Perhaps when I join Ancestry.

Speaking of Ancestry, they indicate Harriette Jane “Red” Bredimus. Did you ever hear the name “Red” in our family. Dad (Robert Leo Bredimus) was called “Bred”.

I’m still curious about the family history and how we were shaped by the events of the time like the depression. I’m hoping that Morry’s family kept some old photos or treasures. He was the oldest child of Francois and Henriette and his daughter, Harriette, was the only one to write a family history. The surviving members of that branch are grandsons of Maurine. My first attempt to contact one didn’t work, so I’ll try another grandson.

Death Certificate Maurice Bredimus

The cause of death was Lung Cancer.

Address 827 Lyon in Des Moines
827 Lyon Street

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