Mommy Poppy and Two Sons

1914 Cedar Rapids; Mommy Poppy Bob and Frank Bredimus
1919 RLB and Mommy Swimmers
FLB and RLB at a Picnic
Mommy (Mayme Bredimus) undated
Poppy and Mommy but where
Poppy maybe

Cedar Rapids family outing

abt 1914

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Franklin Arthur, Mary Emma, Francis Leslie and Robert Leo Bredimus in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

RLB MEB bathers

abt 1919


Robert Leo, Francis Leslie, Mary Emma Coyle Bredimus

woman with headless man

Des Moines, Iowa

I think this is Poppy (Franklin Arthur) mugging for the camera.  This may be his office at Underwood in Des Moines.

MEB headless Poppy

Des Moines, Iowa

Franklin Arthur and Mary Emma Coyle Bredimus

Mary Emma Coyle Bredimus, a strawberry blonde

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