Mom called her step-sister Leota “Otie”. Otie’s mother was 11 years older than Emery McDonald, which was not common in those days. Mary Ellen Sprague mother of Leota had been married before and had children.

Mary Ellen Sprague died of TB in 1911 when Leota was 4 years old. Emery didn’t remarry until 2 years later. Gracie was 18 and Leota was 6.

Leota Married Clarence Welsh in 1925 when Mom was 8 years old. Clarence died in 1929. I don’t know the date of her second marriage.

Alvin and Leota were a good looking couple, don’t you agree?

Mary Ellen has unusual features. Mom told us Leota had Native American blood but I don’t know how to confirm that. With so many children I’m surprised none of them has researched Leota.

Aunt Leota was Mom’s closet Sister.

When Mom moved back to Missouri she had lots of contacts with her nieces and nephews. One nephew was a little slow.

Mom took him under her wing. He stayed at her house often. He loved Mom so much. I met one of Leota’s daughters. She was great fun and a kind woman. We all went to Babe’s restaurant for dinner. Lots of farmers in overalls feasting on crab legs and shrimp in landlocked Missouri.

I believe that lack of education could explain the changing spelling Of names. Mom once told me that in Unionville only she and the bank president had attended college. It is so much to digest.

Aunt Leota on Mom’s back porch; McDonald
1986 Leota at the home of her sister, Elsie. McDonald.
Mary Ellen Sprague mother of Leota McDonald
Leotas mothers death cert
Alvin Norton and Leota McDonald
Leota Alvesta McDonald Welsh and Al Norton

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