Posted in 1931 to 1960

Underwood Typewriter Company

I truly appreciate this bit of family history. Two brothers who chose very different paths. Francis Leslie Bredimus and Robert Leo Bredimus. Our father was…

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Posted in 1931 to 1960

Grandfather McDonald

Our branch of the Bredimus family are McDonald and Hendrix on the maternal side. So, we are from Scotland and Germany. More about the lineage…

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Posted in 1931 to 1960

House at 31 Oak Street

Happy Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. We have so much sun in Hawaii it doesn’t matter here. In Woodinville, like Oakland, the…

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Posted in Before 1900

Family Portrait

Bredimus Family Circa 1890 This is the most significant photo showing the branch of the family that first settled in America. A higher resolution file…

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Posted in Before 1900

Bredimus Family Tree 1695

Here is the Bredimus family tree from 1695 through to Michel. There is a duplicate entry for Nicolas with years 1774 and 1776; I don’t…

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Posted in 1900 to 1930

Morris was Maurice

Maurine, daughter of Maurice Bredimus, was named “Mauricea” at birth. They must have changed it soon after. Her birth name was quite unusual. Nicholas died…

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