Nancys Mother – Mary Louise Doherty

I’m still researching Nancy’s mother but I am struggling to find marriage records, birth records for Nancy, and death records for Mary Louise. When I learn more about the Chicago years something might turn up. It occurs to me that Dad’s favorite uncle might matter. Leslie Coyle (Mommy’s brother) lived in the Chicago area.

How fitting that the only photo I’ve found of Nancy’s mother (attached) is signed “Love, Mary”. I’ve also attached photos of Mary’s parents and of two sisters.

Both parents were born in Illinois and married in Iowa; Her grandfather, Steward, was born in Toronto, Canada.

Her grandparents were deceased before she met our Father.

I’ve learned that both of Mary’s parents were deceased before Mary married Dad. Both parents were born in Illinois and married in Iowa.

Mary had just turned age 18 twelve days before her marriage and her father had died eight months before. Their marriage was eight months before Uncle Frank and Barbara wed.

Our father was best man at Frank’s wedding and traveled from Chicago. No mention is made of Mary Bredimus at that wedding . Mary was much prettier than Barbara (Frank’s wife) in my opinion.

I have no recollection of Nancy interacting with the Doherty clan. Mary had two older brothers, Paul and Bill, and three older sisters Ruth, Vera, and Zella.

One of the brothers was in the fraternity with Dad and introduced Dad to Mary (per Bob Cameron).

She had an Aunt Edna and Uncle Claud on her Father’s side; Aunt Fannie and Uncle Charles on her Mother’s side.

All Mary’s siblings and all her aunts and uncles survived her except for Uncle Charles.

Nearly all lived in Iowa and several lived long lives. Mary’s sister, Ruth, was married to a Doctor and lived in Des Moines for some time.

I’ll let you know if I learn anything more.

Mary Louise Doherty

Born Oct 2, 1915

Died April 3, 1936

Mother of Nancy Ann

Nancy was born 12/10/1935 and her mother died when she less than four months old.

Married Robert Leo Bredimus October 14, 1933, eight months before Uncle Frank and Barbara married and 12 days after Mary’s 18th birthday.

Her father, Daniel (Dannie), died 23 Feb 1933 (aged 63), eight months before her marriage.

Her mother, Mamie, died 14 Jun 1930 (aged 57)

Bob Cameron “… remembers Mary Louise very well. She was the sister of one of Bred’s fraternity brothers.

What a sweet girl. Bred was so devastated by her death that he even tried spiritualism

to bring her back. Totally out of character for an engineering mind.”

Mary Louise Doherty, mother of Nancy Bredimus
Mamie Parsons Doherty – Marys Mother
Daniel Doherty – Marys Father
Mamie Parsons Doherty – Marys Mother2
Ruth sister of Mary Doherty
Zella, sister of Mary Doherty

P.S. I was delighted to discover the marriage license of Nancy’s parents. It is signed by Robert Leo and Mary Louise. They were married by a Justice of the Peace, Bernard W. Krull, in Valley Junction, Iowa. Valley Junction is in West Des Moines and probably had some significance to the young couple. They tied the knot on October 14, 1933.

Dad was 25 and Mary was 19. He listed his occupation as serviceman. Mary listed Stuart, Iowa as her residence which probably meant she was living at her parent’s home.

1934 Marriage License Robert Bredimus and Mary Doherty

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