Franklin’s Mother – Barbara Brand

I found an unexpected bounty of information on Barbara Virginia Brand, who married Uncle Frank and gave birth to Cousin Franklin. I suppose it was newsworthy because Barbara was a socialite. There was also the tragedy of her death, although Nancy’s mother met a similar fate with no news coverage.

The question I have is did Franklin’s mother ever get to hold him? Franklin was in an incubator after birth and his parents were not allowed to see their newborn baby.

Barbara Virginia Brand Bredimus

born June 12, 1912 died June 20, 1936

Married June 15, 1934

Franklin Born April 27, 1936

ANNOUNCEMENT was made Saturday evening of the engagement and approaching marriage of Miss Barbara Virginia Brand, daughter of Mrs. C. Ray Brand, and Francis Leslie Bredimus, son of Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Bredimus. The announcement was at the ceremony, made at a dinner party given by Mrs. Brand at her home to a group of the couple’s intimate friends. The ceremony will take place June 15 at 4 p. m. in the home of Miss Brand’s uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Franklyn Taylor Brand. A reception will be held following. Miss Brand attended St. Katherine’s school at Davenport and Gulf Park college at Gulfport, Miss. Mr. Bredimus attended the University of Iowa, where he was affiliated with Delta Tau Delta fraternity. He is now associated in business with his father at the Elliott Fisher Co (Underwood).

The Des Moines Register – Des Moines, Iowa – 22 Apr 1934

Further notes: Franklin was born early by Caesarian. Barbara had an operation for an intestinal blockage after Franklin was born and when she returned to pick him up. She died of complications from the surgery. Following the death of Barbara, Uncle Frank changed Franklin’s middle name from William to Brand.

1934 Barbara Wedding2
1934 Barbara Wedding3
1934 Barbara Brand
1934 Bob and Frank
1934 Bridal Party
Bob Bredimus, Frank Bredimus, Barbara, Barbara’s sister
1934 Barbara Brand Bredimus is now married
1934 Bredimi is plural of Bredimus
1934 Barbara Brand and Cameron
1934 Barbara Brand Bredimus June Bride
1934 Waterloo
Frank and Barbara Bredimus attend St. Louis World Series
1936 Barbara Brand Bredimus Critical
1936 Barbara Brand Bredimus came for baby Franklin
1936 Barbara Brand Bredimus Relapse
1936 Barbara Brand Bredimus Burial
1936 Barbara Brand Bredimus Death
1936 Barbara Brand Bredimus Obituary2
1936 Barbara Brand Bredimus Obituary1
1936 Barbara Brand Bredimus Obituary
1936 Uncle Frank returns
1936 Barbara Brand Bredimus Obituary3
1936 Funeral of Barbara Brand Bredimus
1936 Franklin born pre-mature
1936 Frank Bredimus

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