Jack – Pet Dog saves Dad’s Life

1914 Dog attack, Jack, Des Moines

The attached news story from 1914 is a gem. It says our father (Robert Bredimus), at four years old, was attacked by a bull dog but then recued by the Bredimus family dog. I seem to recall Dad telling us stories about his dog named “Jack”. Is that so? I wish Mike were alive to discuss this. Perhaps Bobby knows the details. For some reason I suspect “Jack” was a Pit Bull, not my idea of a good pet.

I remember that Dad used to tell us that his dog saved his life.
Yes that dog was Jack! No other dog ever came close. I don’t know
any details. I’ll check with Nancy and Robert to see if they can add
to the story. I think there may be a photo of Dad with Jack. I’ll ask
around. To my knowledge he never cared for another dog. Thank you for filling in the blanks.

Our brother, Mike, loved Dogs and named at least one of them after his dog on Oak Street. Our first dog was named Louise in tribute to your black Lab (who broke a hole in the ice to swim in your lake). Neither Louise saved anyone’s life or was in the News. Brother Bobby likes dogs and had a three legged one.

Robert Bredimus, Frank Bredimus, Jack the Wonderdog

What an amazing photo of Jack the wonder-dog, with Bob and Frank. Why were the boys dressed as Cossacks (complete with boots)?

I’m happy to note that Jack was not a Pit Bull.

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