Nancy Bredimus in High School and College

It took awhile to locate these old photos and articles. Nancy graduated from Pompton Lakes HS in 1953. My oldest memories of our sister are when she wore her Majorette uniform and twirled the Baton. Did she also have a white rifle?

Notice the photo of the entire band with Leslie Strickland at the upper right. Is that the father of your boys and did he and Nancy know each other in High School?
The older brother of my friend, Emmett Finley, was in HS with Nancy. I think his older sister was as well. The Finley family of Oakland is mentioned in the 1951 article.


What a find. Yes Nancy and I knew the Finley’s. Mickey Finley was her friend. Back then we knew most of the parents as well. I recognized a lot of the names. I knew the adults as well. They did a lot with kids.

It was a more inclusive time. 

That is Les in the band. He played the saxophone. Les was a very intelligent guy then. The alcohol raised hell with his mind. It was a  tragedy. He was a good person. He and Nancy attended high school together. They didn’t know each other well.
Maybe you don’t know but I kept Les in my life until he died. He was always welcome to stay with us. When he remarried they always stayed at our house. I did it for the boys. They never knew he didn’t pay child support. They remained close.

Thank you for all this work. It brings back memories. Nancy was a beautiful big sister. It is hard to see her in assisted living. Never make that mistake.

Glad to be of assistance. Emmett told me his older brother was a superb athlete and his sister was a renowned dancer who died a tragic death. Emmett was a talented classical guitarist. Their parents were notorious drinkers. Another Oakland tale.

I loved Les and he taught me important skills in home construction and auto repair. I’m not surprised you kept Les close for your boys. You were a very good mother.

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