Robert O. Bredimus

You’ll enjoy reading about Bobby’s sixth birthday. Also, I’ve attached an article about him I had never seen before.

It is interesting that he made a successful career in a profession which requires a college degree; same for Dad, Uncle Frank, Mike, and myself. I eventually earned a bachelors degree but only as a personal goal.

1948 Birthday for Bobby

Please add me to the self taught school in professions.
By the by Judy Hoover sent a text saying that her mom met
our mom at her baby shower. It was just before we moved to Oak St.
So that was Mom’s shower for you hosted by Margaret Pulis.

Maybe we have the same gene for self-confidence.
I wish I had an article about Mom’s baby shower for me. Here is an article from that same year, 1949. Who knew Mom did public speaking? I knew she could “talk”, but not before an audience.

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