I’ve located free digital editions of some yearbooks and clipped a few images.

I will need to do some more research on Nancy.
Here are links to your yearbooks

Cean’s yearbook:

Cean Jr year:

How wonderful!
Nancy attended Pompton Lakes High School 1950 to 1954. She was a drum majorette . Then it was Paterson
Teachers College. She ran for “Campus Queen”. I remember her photo was in the Newspaper. I think the dates could be a year earlier. I remember she taught kindergarten 1957/1958. Numbers have always eluded me.
Thank you for your mystical skills.

Cean Bredimus
Cean Bredimus Yearbook
Cean Bredimus – 2nd row far left
Robert Bredimus Yearbook
Mike Bredimus Yearbook

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