1910 Bredimus Reunion

Delightful Family Reunion Held at Bredimus Home.

An interesting family reunion was held Sunday at the suburban home of Mr. and Mrs. John Bredimus, Twenty-fourth street and Hickman avenue. A delicious picnic dinner was served at noon in the cool shelter of a large grape arbor. The various members of the family present were: Mrs. Nicholas Bredimus, Mrs. Harriet Bredimus, Mrs. Martha Bredimus, Mr. and Mrs. A. I. Lorenz, John Bredimus, Mr. Charles Weiser and son, Elmer, Arthur, Ernest and Walter Weiser of Grimes; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bredimus, Waterloo; Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Bredimus, Mr. and Mrs. George Reece, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Lorenz, Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Lorenz, Mr. and Mrs. Oswald Lorenz, Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Lorenz. Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Lorenz. Mr. Ben. Bredimus. Mr. Victor Bredimus, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Hassner, Mr. and Mrs. Otis Jones, Misses Theodora Hassner, Ruth and Emilie Reece, and Mrs. Clark Fairfield, Los Angeles, Cal.

Des Moines Tribune 1910

Thank you. I do find it fulfilling, probably because it fills in pieces of the puzzle. Our branch of the Bredimus patriarchy is dying out and the McDonald patriarchy is already gone.

The information that I will uncover and post might help curious extended family, but it won’t have the relevance it has for us siblings. Mike would have treasured some of the stuff I am digging up now.

That 1910 reunion must have been a special occasion, but I’ve never heard it mentioned. Our Father was probably there as a one-year-old. The article says Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bredimus from Waterloo were in attendance. It is interesting that Dad would be under a large grape arbor listening to French speakers; some early programming? The grape arbor prompts the question of whether our relatives made wine like many European immigrants. The family tree shows Nicholas Bredimus deceased in 1908. He must have been well preserved to attend the reunion two years later. Bob Cameron told me he met Uncle Nick, so I must do some more research.

Another nugget: “of Social Interest Mrs. F. A. Bredimus, 1713 Beaver Avenue, has returned from a three week’s visit in Milwaukee and Chicago. En route home she visited with her son, Francis Bredimus, who is a student at the University of Iowa.”

And this: “June 6, 1927 Des Moines Register Miss Harriett Bredimus of Park Avenue will spend some time in Minneapolis and at the Minnesota lakes.”

Harriett was a spinster, correct?

I’ll send you a separate email with more photos of 1713 Beaver Ave where our father spent much of his youth. It looks like a very nice house!

You are the person to ferret out all the family connections. No one else has the skill. I hope it is fulfilling for you. It surely adds to my picture of the Bredimus migration.

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