Two Bredimus Brothers

My father, Robert Leo Bredimus (1909-1980) and my Uncle Frank, Francis Leslie Bredimus (1907-1979)

The Bredimus brothers were born almost exactly two years apart (May 9th 1907 and May 17th 1909).

They died one year apart.

Both joined the fraternity, Delta Tau Delta.

Both attended University, but neither graduated.

Both were a loving son to Mommy and Poppy.

Both worked for Poppy at Underwood Typewriter for years.

Both were friends with Bob Cameron, Owen Kinnard, and Bob Wormhoudt.

Both had their beloved wife die shortly after child birth.

Both left their child to be raised by their grandparents until grandmother’s (Mommy’s) death in 1948.

Both remarried and had more children.

Both moved East in 1945.

Both spent their entire career with just one company (Frank with Globe Hoist/Symington Wayne, Bob with US Rubber/Uniroyal).

P.S. The excellent photo of Bob and Frank was taken at Frank’s wedding to Barbara Brand. I have much more information on Barbara to share later.

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