Brother Mike

On Feb 5, 2021,

Today is Mike’s birthday. It is hard to believe he has been gone for four years. You probably remember when he was born.

I will always miss him. I do remember when he was born. He was

so little. Mom usually so casual was hovering. I remember he used

to have “sunbaths”. 

Please stay safe

I hope you live to a ripe old age so you can say such loving things about me when I am gone. We used to say Mom spoiled Mike because he was a “preemie”.

I’ve learned Franklin was a preemie and will send you more about that soon.

I’m staying very safe. You too.

I only wish I could have started my family research earlier. Mike would have appreciated the information I uncovered and been a great help in the quest for knowledge.

Nick Bredimus and Mike Bredimus

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