Steak Dinner but with whom?

The photo is of our father, Robert L, Bredimus, taken at home at 31 Oak Street Oakland New Jersey. The question is who is his dinner guest. Logic says it must be Bob Cameron: A perfectly cooked medium-rare steak, a bottle of French Bordeaux, and a well dressed man. See the attached photo of Cameron taken from a similar angle, albeit 40+ years later. Still scratching my head, but who else would it be but Robert Cameron? While looking for the photo, I copied some of my notes below.

He recalled that Dad stayed the longest in France. Poppy was so mad he couldn’t see straight, so Cam had to borrow money to send to Dad.

Poppy was the best salesman he ever met.

On Ft Leonard Wood. Find the picture of a military hat in the mud. Cam called it a photo of an Army officer (on horseback) stuck in the mud.

Dad learned Engineering with 5 text books and 3 months from graduate engineers at Ames Iowa.
Cam called Dad a genius.

Bob Cameron (age 92) 2002 San Francisco

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