McDonalds at Culloden

No, it is not a myth about the McDonalds and Culloden. I am attempting to resolve a missing link in our family tree. The attachments should prove that link and show our first ancestor came to America in 1747 after serving in the Scottish Military (Jacobite) at Culloden. His father was The Lordship of the Clan McDonald. His grandfather was the 11th Laird of Glencoe. We can assume we are descended from Scottish Lords going back another ten generations before then. Why we were never told this is a great mystery.

Remember that it was called the “Clan McDonald” so other relatives must have fought as Jacobite at Culloden.

In any case, we will probably establish the McDonalds were more noble than the Bredimus from Luxembourg.

1695 Alexander McDonald Jr
1695 McDonald Culloden
1695 Alexander McDonald Jr
McDonald 11th Earl of Glencoe

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