Green paint was a bargain

I believe the green paint was a bargain. It was Mom’s favorite color too.

The only odd bit of information was that our father used the money that Poppy had saved for Nancy’s college education to build the house. It was 8000 dollars. The other unusual thing is that he left

Nancy to live with his parents when he married our Mom. I remember  overhearing Mom arguing with him that Nancy should be with us.

He always told her that it would kill our grandmother to take Nancy away. Mom would say Nancy should come first. That was the most shameful thing in our background. There are no secrets that I know of.

I’m sure that Nancy would have told me if she knew of anything. I wouldn’t worry.

Poor Nancy. She lost her Mother and her surrogate Mother. $8,000 was a great deal of money in 1949. Dad could have used part of it since it benefited Nancy, but mortgaged the balance. The money should never be touched for anything other than their needs.

I do recall the thought “it would kill our grandmother to take Nancy away”, but can’t agree with keeping Nancy away from her father and siblings. Unless I am mistaken, Franklin was in the same situation.

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