Granny Mac

See the attached photo of me standing with my maternal grandmother at our home on Oak Street. I appear to be about 14 years old, so Granny Mac would have been about 69.

This must be one of the few times we were together. A few years earlier, I spent a summer on a farm with Aunt Jean. The details elude me other than being very happy. Uncle Leon was there so I did meet him. I believe it was my second visit to the mid-west, both times by train.

There is so much I don’t know about the McDonald clan. When I was living in Missouri, I met a McDonald cousin and bought some antiques from him (a round oak table and chairs which I refinished and kept for many years.) I was also able to visit Granny Mac when she was living with Mom in Brookfield, but my home was in Arizona at the time so it was only brief.

I do recall Mom’s stories about the hog being butchered on the kitchen door laid horizontal, but I don’t know why the clan was so poor. Was one of Mom’s sisters a step-sister and how did that come about? The biggest mystery to me is what happened to their father (husband of Granny Mac). To my knowledge, I’ve never seen a photo or heard Mom speak of her father. Leon was her beloved brother and supposedly resembled their father, at least the bald head.

I’m sure to find answers to some of my questions and will post them ass updates to this article.

Forgive my rambling. I wish you happiness and good health as we end this tough year. Take care.

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