Ellis Island Records of Bredimus

I checked the records at the Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty foundations. See the attached summary of records for the surname Bredimus. Not many arrivals, but further study was fruitful. Anna and Nicol (Nicholas) arrived in 1867 from Germany. Their ages are listed as 8 and 9. I have some experience with passenger manifests, so I looked for other people near their names on the form. Michel Bredimus age 54 is listed but his name was spelled “Brichness”. It makes sense Michel would accompany children but who is Anna?

See the attached clip from the Manifest. It appears Michel is listed as a farmer. Who is Magda(lena) Berg age 51 listed below him and above the two children?

Jean Bredimus age 27 (born 1842) male arrives in 1870 from France on the ship Virginia, He is listed as a laborer and probably traveled alone.

? Bredimus age 43 female arrive 1890 from France ship La Bretagne. Occupation is sewer (seamstress).

? Bredimus age 48 male arrive 1890 from France La Bretagne

Could be Jean and Adelle (ages are close to the family tree)

Dad took the French Ship Rochambeau (Le Havre to New York) and arrived 5/16/31. His address is listed as 1713 Bearer Ave Des Moines. So, we have another Des Moines address for Mommy and Poppy.

The names at the top of the summary (Catherine, William, and Frederic) appear to be a Chicago branch of the family from Werscherdingen, Luxembourg. There is also a Nicolas Blom traveling with them. The manifest says Frederic is the brother of Baptiste Bredimus. Sound familiar?

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