Bredimus Home Movie

Nancy moving to Oakland was a big and welcome change in our family. I thought I would remind everyone of this home movie:

A historian would probably conclude this is the most important asset amongst Bredimus memorabilia. It is very rare to see color home movies from this era. Our father apparently borrowed the 8mm camera and was experimenting with the techniques of movie making. The short length, interruptions, and the lack of sound were all due to the technology.

I notice that both Poppy and Mike waved with their left hand. Was Poppy a southpaw? Do you remember being filmed?

Nancy is a treasure. Being raised by ones grandparents has plusses and minuses. On the plus side, she was raised by warm and loving people. On the minus side, she was excluded from her father’s new family. I was too young to understand, but it seems to me she was well prepared for life when she came to Oakland. She seems so poised in this home movie.

Notes: Poppy, Elsie, Nancy, Cean, Robert, Mike, baby Nick.

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