1929 and our Dad

What we can surmise from the Dec 11, 2019 newspaper article? It was one year later that our father travelled to France on board the Lafayette French Line.

1929 was nine years before his amazing color photograph of apples taken in 1938, a very impressive invention since color film was not available until 1942.

There was no mention in the article of our father attending college. He was college age at that time.

When I was an adult, Dad mentioned studying Ancient Greek under professor Sherman Kirk of Drake University. Kirk was Dean of Drake Bible College which adds to the mystery.

This news article must have been a big deal to our 20-year-old father. I wonder if he thought of patenting his typewriter invention or creating more devices for handicapped people.

So many things to ponder. The trip to France doesn’t fit the equation, but Bob Cameron told me they “just wanted to get the hell out of Iowa.” Cameron told me Dad made $25 per week repairing typewriters which was a decent wage back then.

Dad had taken a road trip in September 1930. He and Owen Cunard drove to the Big Horn Mountains of South Dakota. Photos of the trip survive. Dad owned the only camera amongst his friends in 1930. Cameron said Dad taught him photography, which is a big deal since Cameron became a professional photographer with published books. I would love to see Dad’s photos of 1930 Paris, but never have.

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