Bredimus Family Haviland

I vaguely remember a collection of Limoges china at Oak Street. It must have been inherited from Mommy and I assume Nancy has it now. Do you know anything more of that history?

There were a few Silver pieces always in need of polishing and the set of Pewter goblets with teeth marks. Many families have handed down items through generations and I wonder what happened to keepsakes from our ancestors. Uncle Frank, being the oldest, might have inherited keepsakes

Dad kept an old stone axe head which was cracked in two and repaired. I think Bobby must have that. Dad still had his color camera invention when I was young. It was made of wood and had three film slots. It and much of his photography is gone, but I do have what you sent me from Mike.

I’ve been to Luxembourg on two occasions, but didn’t discover any direct family history there. There are two graveyards with Bredimus remains, but no way to determine the relationship to us. There must be McDonald history in Scotland and Hendrix in Germany. How about Mommy’s family history?

I will tell you what I know. Nancy has the Haviland China. Mommy used it. Nancy grew up with it. When Mommy died she wanted Nancy to have it. Evelina remembered that Poppy was with us when it was delivered. It may have come from Poppy’s family. Some of the tribe lived in France. As for the Luxembourg decedents all I know is that anyone with Bredimus or Brademus name is in some way related to us. Bitsy and Lynn know more about it. When our father died Mike, Bitsy and Lynn took care of his belongings. Some were put in storage. I received a fish poacher and a camera. The three had the photographs and cameras. I never heard of where the wood camera went. Young Michael did do some research on any patents. I believe he found some. I shared any family photos I had with you. I believe

Mike had all the shell collection and the anchor photos. Bob Cameron’s books were with Mike. Apparently Marilyn gave some things to Bitsy and Lynn.

Robert does have the stone tomahawk. He has one of the most discriminating collections around. He still walks miles searching for arrowheads. His family has great fun teasing him about this devotion. I believe he is a throwback to our Hunter Gatherer days. I share some of those traits. Mine is liberally sprinkled with crow DNA. Shiny things attract me.

I only know that Mommy had two siblings in Iowa. Aunt Loretta and Uncle Harold lived in Des Moines. That is where Nancy lived when Mommy fell ill. I remember going to their home. They are the only ones in the Coyle family I knew of.

The silver tea service was given to Robert when he and Elaine got married. I haven’t heard any more about it. The pewter goblets were in Mom’s Missouri home. I don’t know who has them now. With seven children and so many grandchildren it would be hard to trace them. I have one piece of Mommy’s furniture, a small chest on casters. I know Nancy has a chest too. Any other old furniture was in Missouri.

We were told to choose something. Living so far away I just chose some stemware. I have four iris and herringbone glasses. Nancy did give me Mommy’s Depression Glass basket when she moved to assisted living. I also have Mom’s big blue Topaz ring. Apparently I’m the only one with the nerve to wear it.

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