Bredimus Family Member Profiles

The Bredimus family has branched out across the United States. Some members may be more distantly related to the others.

Cean Scott Molinari

Cean is a talented artist and designer. She has her own blog and art gallery here: Cean Scott Molinari – in words and art (

Frank Bredimus

Frank Bredimus is a practicing attorney at law living in Virginia. He is also a philanthropist, sportsman, and historic landmark owner. His services include general litigation, business, personal injury, real estate law, tax law, corporate law, bankruptcy law, and more.

Henriette Blum Bredimus

Aunt Henriette is the family historian and the history of the Bredimus family is based on her original essay.

Jason Bredimus

Jason Bredimus graduated from the University of Arizona in 1992 and has a career in management consulting.

Joshua Bredimus

Joshua Bredimus has studied exercise and wellness at Arizona State University; and he co-authored a paper comparing the benefits of Thai massage to Swedish massage.

Kate Bredimus

Kate Bredimus is a writer and music producer living in Virginia. Her work has appeared on the Style Weekly,, and Modern Grooves Syndicate Web sites among others.

Michael B. Bredimus

Michael Bredimus of Keizer, OR founded Bredimus & Associates, an independent insurance agency serving the people of Keizer and surrounding communities.

Michael Robert Bredimus

Michael R. Bredimus has practiced law in Scottsdale, Arizona. His specialties have included Plaintiffs’ Personal Injury, Insurance Law, Aviation Law, and Criminal Defense. Michael discontinued private practice in 2006.

Nicholas Bredimus

Nicholas Bredimus founded Bredimus Systems, a software firm that provided key s cheduling software for the airline industry. For over 25 years, Nick has devoted his life and career to developing innovative businesses and services for airlines, travel agencies, and industry suppliers around the world.

Susan Bredimus

Susan Bredimus is a licensed associate counselor in the State of Arizona. Her license application was approved in March 2005.